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Water Treatment Remote Access Controllers

controller-diagramDue to technological advancements, WESCO Chemicals, Inc. offers "real-time" remote access controllers for boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, and other applications.

These controllers are capable of controlling conductivity, pH, inhibitor levels, blowdown timing, solenoids, and much more. They can also monitor many other important parameters, such as chemical levels, water meters, or pressures.

With options to communicate via ethernet, modem, or serial cable, these controllers have the means to connect to a desktop PC or a laptop.

They also come with specialized software, which has powerful programming options, such as automatic paging or emailing out on alarms and even status interlocking.


The most important aspect of our controllers is utilities cost avoidance. Our controllers are designed to reduce maintenance costs by automating boiler and cooling tower blowdown, optimize chemical consumption, minimize energy consumption and to reduce water supply and waste treatment costs. Documentation and trending of the entire water treatment program can be achieved through custom designed downloadable reports. When combined with the remote access capability, the email alert system keeps WESCO and Plant personnel constantly aware of alarm conditions that may occur within the chemical control programs. Simply put, these controllers save money. Interested in how these controllers could affect your maintenance budget? Contact WESCO Chemicals, Inc. today to design a program to meet your needs.

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